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Happy New Year 2009

Hi All,

Thanks and GoodBye 2008 🙂

Thanks for giving us stable PHP5 builds and MySQL builds! The time has really turned well for OpenSource, especially for LAMP stack. We wish to do a lot of useful, productive work using LAMP in the new year! Here is a blog dedicated to that!!

Wishing all the readers

A Happy and Prosperous New Year 2009

Dear All :)

In the past three weeks, I had a hard time figuring out two things: 1) An efficient way of Parsing large CSV strings and 2) Creating a HTML E-mail that looks nice and similar in major mail clients. I really had hard time finding the right stuff on the net. It seemed to me that, many of the search results that popped up were forums that were no longer active. This is when I thought of starting a blog to log all that I learn from the internet. Wait for more posts here…