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Cisco VPN Client for Mac

Finally, after 12 years of windows 3.x, 95, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and 7 I decided to try a Mac. Got one, setup XCode, TextWrangler, FTP client, AirPort, MS Office, IMs. Most of it went smoothly. The first major issue was with setting up VPN Client. After all the exercise, RackSpace guys suggested me to simply use Mac’s vpnclient instead of Cisco’s.

The reason behind this post is to say 1) None of the forum posts helped as they all suggested to try restarting vpn client. 2) It is a lot easier to setup mac’s vpn client.

Here is what I did or rather RackSpace guy instructed me to do 😉

Goto System Preferences then select Network (under Internet and Wireless)..
Create new session by clicking (+), and with the
Interface = VPN
VPN Type = Cisco IPsec
Service Name = [Whatever name you like]

Server address: [Your server ip.]
Account Name: [Username]

Authentication Settings:
Shared Secret: [Username]
Group name: [Your Group Name]

press Ok

and then Connect

dialogue window will pop up:

use your personal log in credentials
username: [Username]
password: [Password]

That’s it!