DocumentRoot is like the open sky. Many times you are not the one watching it thru Hubble!

Most lucid explanation of a DDoS attack, that too a 65Gbps one!

I remember watching a video (or an elearning) created by someone some 10 years ago that explained how TCP/IP works. It explained how an email, IM, HTTP works so easily. All of us watching it simply stood up and clapped at the end. We were all into training then! 😉 Unfortunately, couldn’t find the video on the net, maybe there are newer versions available now.

Here is an explanation of how a large DDoS attack is generated (or orchestrated!) in simple words.

VPN Fails with “Configuration error. Check settings and try to reconnect” error?

All that was required for me to fix this error was, restart the service using the following command. This was on OS X 10.9.4

$ sudo launchctl stop
$ sudo launchctl start

Call it Captcha, what’s your problem?


Dear UIDAI, you missed a great opportunity to spread the word “captcha”. You called it ‘text” 😀 Fun part here is, OTP expires in 15 minutes. It did expire in my last two attempts to sign in. Yes, the images took more than 15 minutes to load! I can see this going IRCTC, Passport portal way. Somehow, government agencies manage to queue up people either at booking counters, seva centers or before the browser! Funny!

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