Most lucid explanation of a DDoS attack, that too a 65Gbps one!

I remember watching a video (or an elearning) created by someone some 10 years ago that explained how TCP/IP works. It explained how an email, IM, HTTP works so easily. All of us watching it simply stood up and clapped at the end. We were all into training then! 😉 Unfortunately, couldn’t find the video on the net, maybe there are newer versions available now.

Here is an explanation of how a large DDoS attack is generated (or orchestrated!) in simple words.

Call it Captcha, what’s your problem?


Dear UIDAI, you missed a great opportunity to spread the word “captcha”. You called it ‘text” 😀 Fun part here is, OTP expires in 15 minutes. It did expire in my last two attempts to sign in. Yes, the images took more than 15 minutes to load! I can see this going IRCTC, Passport portal way. Somehow, government agencies manage to queue up people either at booking counters, seva centers or before the browser! Funny!